32 imported beers – 48 taps – what are you waiting for?!!
We are ready to pour for your enjoyment!
Let the merriment begin…….Sláinte!!


LONGWOOD DUNKELWEIZEN from Nanaimo- a traditional German-style dark wheat ale

LONGWOOD HERITAGE MILD from Nanaimo – our own specially brewed beer originally drunk by the coalminers as a thirst quencher – commonly known in the UK as a shilling beer

LONGWOOD FRAMBOISE from Nanaimo – you won’t find this raspberry ale on draft anywhere else! $20.00/$7.14/$3.85

PHILLIPS BLUE BUCK ALE from Victoria – bronze, aged to perfection – easy drinking

PHILLIPS HOPCIRCLE IPA from Victoria – generously hopped – light amber IPA

PHILLIPS SEASONAL from Victoria – our seasonal tap

WOLF SEASONAL  from Nanaimo – a changing tap – ask for details

LIGHTHOUSE SWITCHBACK IPA – from Victoria – hits you with the hops



GUINNESS from Ireland – smooth dark stout – a class of its own

HARP LAGER from Ireland – a clear, crisp golden lager

KILKENNY from Ireland – smooth cream ale with a caramel taste

SMITHWICKS from Ireland – award winning liquid legend; strong, rich and bursting with flavour

FULLERS LONDON PORTER from England – rich, dark, complex with outstanding depth

FULLERS ORGANIC HONEYDEW from England – full honey flavour in this smooth organic golden honey beer

FULLERS BENGAL LANCER IPA from England – true IPA inspired by the history and character of this traditional style of beer

BAVARIA from Holland – since 1719 – full bodied crisp lager – bite without bitterness

HACKER-PSCHORR KELLER from Germany – Founded in 1417 Hacker-Pschorr is one of only 6 official Oktoberfest Breweries in the world. Unfiltered lager, aroma of malt and hops, full of protein, yeast, fibre & minerals – one of the most distinctive & healthy beers around

HACKER-PSCHORR WEISSE from Germany – cloudy, light fluffy head, banana-clove taste

RADEBERGER PILSNER from Germany – the original pilsner – light and crisp since 1872



AFFLIGEM from Belgium – since 1074 – Affligem Abbey is the oldest Abbey in the Flanders region of Belgium – the chalice glass indicates the sacred origins of this amazing beer with its hops established by Benedictine Monks. Rich in aroma and taste.

330ml – $6.60

DELERIUM TREMENS from Belgium – dense head, fruity bouquet and warming alcohol – A top beer in the “50 Best Beers of the World” – look for the pink elephant!

330ml – $7.65

STIEGL from Austria – unpasteurized European lager made with pure spring water of the Alps and whole-flower hops.

500ml – $7.25

FRULI from Belgium – strawberry white wheat beer – a natural alternative – moderate in alcohol and calories – high in B-complex vitamins – no additives or preservatives.

250ml – $5.25

STIEGL RADLER GRAPEFRUIT from Austria – only 2.5% and low in calories. A great mix of lager & grapefruit juice for a refreshing light taste – really different – great for drivers.

LA TRAPPE TRIPEL from Holland – Since 1884 La Trappe is the only Trappist Brewery outside of Belgium. Tripel is powerful, dark blonde, fruity and bittersweet.

250ml – $5.50

INNIS & GUNN ORIGINAL from Scotland – matured in Oak barrels – very unique, aromas of toffee & vanilla                                                              22oz $8.10 10oz $4.55

McCLELLAND IMPORTS - a changing draft from our specialty importer – ask for details



SOMERSBY from Denmark – no artificial flavours or sweeteners – always over ice – always refreshing

FOUNDRY  from England – a traditional  full flavoured apple cider from England
Very little carbonation – a true British taste

WILLIAMS SIR PERRY from England – a crisp, refreshing pear cider – not too sweet and not too dry

MIX IT UPAll 20oz pours

SNAKEBITE….Harp, Blackthorn and a dash of Ribena $7.75

SHANDY…Half Bitter/Lager and Half Sprite $5.25

PORT IN A STORM….Guinness with a splash of Port $7.85

BLACKSMITH….Half Smithwicks and Half Guinness $7.75

BLACK & TAN….Half London Pride and Half Guinness $7.75

GUINNESS & BLACK….Guinness with a shot of Ribena $7.75

MOTHER IN LAW….Half Bitter and Half Mild $7.25

CROWN FLOAT….Half Blackthorn and Half Guinness $7.75

LAGER & LIME….Lager & good splash of Roses Lime $7.75

FINNIGANS WAKE….Guinness with a splash of Kahlua $7.85

BEER CARRIAGES – 4 X 5oz glasses of select beers

CRAFTY LOCALS: Longwood Mild, Wolf Seasonal, Phillips Seasonal, Lighthouse IPA – $7.00

THE IRISH FOUR: Smithwicks, Harp, Guinness & Kilkenny $8.75

ACROSS THE POND: Hacker-Pschorr Weisse, Fullers ESB, Bavaria, Fullers Organic Honeydew $8.75